Craftsman Group LLC | Our Team
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Our Team



The Craftsman Group works with a carefully selected group of local architects, suppliers and subcontractors on their projects. Like The Craftsman Group, their team is made up of mostly small or family run businesses with many years of experience in their trade, and have a close working relationship with The Craftsman Group.


Each team member has been selected due to their extensive knowledge and experience in their trade, and their commitment to quality and service. Working with this steady group of subcontractors, the Craftsman Group can rely on them to help deliver sound guidance to their clients, and quality products and workmanship in a timely manner.


Architects NorthWest


Nash Jones Architects


RAD Design


Alan Mascord Design Associates


Sparks Interiors


Spencer Cabinetry


Organized Spaces


Judd & Black Appliance & Service


Cedarmist Gardens