Craftsman Group LLC | About Us
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About Us

Paul Davies

For more than 35 years, Paul has been designing and building some of the Northwest’s finest custom homes. Paul is a second generation carpenter who has become synonymous with superior workmanship, finely crafted woodwork, and meticulous design. On Craftsmen Group projects, Paul communicates closely with our clients. He works to incorporate features and finishes that are uniquely suited to meet their needs and personal style. Paul closely supervises all of the exterior & interior woodwork, and is involved in the creation of many of the prominent woodwork of our projects (such as the custom doors, stair rail systems and mantles).

Ian Kruse

Ian Kruse has more than 20 years experience in Construction, and is in charge of site supervision and customer service for The Craftsman Group.

Our Work

The end result of a completed Craftsmen Group project is a truly unique and timeless design,  in which homeowners can create a lifetime of memories. Each project is carefully planned to take full advantage of its location, taking into account view, light, and privacy. The construction is completed to the highest standards incorporating materials that provide the most value and aesthetic, each in its own personalized manner, ensuring no home will ever be duplicated.


Inspired by the masterful carpentry workmanship used in many of the classic architectural styles such as Victorian, Lodge and especially Craftsman, The Craftsmen Group does not have to use pre-produced millwork, we can instead to use raw wood that has been hewn to evoke the charm and character found in the legacy homes of the Victorian, Lodge, and Craftsman style. As such, the Craftsmen Group can produce remarkable artistry, such as handcrafted decorative wood trim and newel posts, woven cedar shingles, exposed beams and extensive built-ins.