About – Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts era in the early 1900’s was a movement embraced by many in varying fields of Art, Architecture, furniture making etc. It was a time when the artistic community was reacting to the industrial age by embracing the values and creative efforts of times gone by when handcrafted furnishings were plentiful.

The industrial age created great wealth, but made the Cities dirty, noisy and unpleasant places to live. Thus, many of those in the upper class were moving to the Country in the outskirts of the Cities to homes and furnishings which featured the fine work of Craftsman striving to show off their creative efforts as a means of protesting the proliferation of low priced, factory made products.

The homes built during this period showcased much of the finest artistic endeavors of this time period. The Craftsmen Group has long admired the Carpentry Craftsmanship demonstrated of this Era, and has incorporated many of these elements in his homes.

With Tolt Trail Estate, The Craftsmen Group has strived to create a Classic Home designed to meet the needs of today’s homebuyers, but that is finished in a manner that pays tribute to the finest homes from the Arts & Crafts period, and especially the homes created by Charles & Henry Greene, who were the Artchitects of the most celebrated California Craftsman residences.